HORRIBLE: Crazed Texas School Employee Violently Assaults Defenseless Special Needs Teen on School Bus [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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Conroe, Texas – A deeply disturbing video emerged on Thursday, capturing a Texas school employee viciously attacking a defenseless 17-year-old on a school bus.

According to Click2Houston, the incident unfolded while students were being transported home.

Sarah Fields, a conservative activist and reporter, shared the shocking videos showing the moment the employee initiated the assault on the vulnerable teen, who is under foster care.

In the videos, the school employee can be observed forcefully pushing the student onto the bus floor before launching a series of punches. Additionally, the employee is seen gripping the teenager’s shirt and shouting in his face.

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Throughout the incident, the teenager does not make any attempt to defend himself.


Here’s the second video which is clearer but has no sound:

In her reporting, Fields reveals that the employee is a school bus monitor. Additionally, the foster teenager in question grapples with a significant intellectual disability.

The teen was beaten so badly that he was admitted to the hospital. KTRK has reported that he has since been discharged.

Per Click2Houston’s report, the unidentified school bus monitor was terminated on Friday after the Conroe Independent School District became aware of the incident. Law enforcement is currently conducting an investigation into the assault and has indicated that they expect to press charges against the employee.

The incident left Conroe students deeply disturbed, prompting concerns about their safety within the school environment.

“I was honestly shocked, I never expected that I would see someone that is supposed to be a role model and a leader in our school, like a staff member. I would never think that they would put their hands on a kid,” Alexa Perez said to Click2Houston.

“Are we really safe at school?” another student asked KTRK. “To get to the point to where you have to use violence is crazy.”

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