Charlie Kirk Interviews 12-Year-Old Student Kicked Out of Class Over Gadsden Flag Patch [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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Charlie Kirk interviewed Jaiden, a 12-year-old student in Colordao Springs who was kicked out of class for adorning his backpack with the Gadsden flag. Initially asked to leave class, Jaiden was eventually allowed back after his story went viral. The school administrators had claimed that the symbol was related to slavery, but in reality, it represents the Revolutionary War.

Jaiden: “If it didn’t go viral, they’d probably suspend me.”

Charlie Kirk asked Jaiden for advice to other kids who are afraid to speak up. Jaiden responded, “I’d tell them to ponder this question: Would you rather have friends but live under a tyrannical system, or stand up for yourself and your right but maybe lose a few friends? I mean I sat at lunch alone today which was weird, like my friends didn’t like me.”


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Here’s more of Charlie Kirk’s interview with Jaiden:

Jaiden pointed out to Charlie Kirk that children at the school proudly wear pride pins, yet the school administration doesn’t care. However, they deemed the Gadsden flag as a symbol of hate. This shows how ignorant some of today’s educators are.

The Gadsden flag originated during the Revolutionary War, signifying the populace’s defiance against the oppression of the British monarchy, which had exploited and mistreated the American populace. This resistance sparked the war that paved the way for the formation of the United States.

It is inexcusable that these so-called educators have little to no knowledge of our Constitution and our Nation’s history.

Breaking Digest previously reported Jaiden’s story.

The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs told Jaiden that he had to remove the flag, claiming falsely that is has “origins with slavery” and that it was “disruptive to the classroom environment.” When he refused, the child was dismissed from class.

Jaiden’s mother recorded her conversation with a school staff member. During the exchange, she countered the notion that the Gadsden flag is linked to slavery, emphasizing its roots in the Revolutionary War. Throughout the video, the staff member maintained a confrontational stance, citing the need to adhere to the district’s policy.

“Yeah, it has nothing to do with slavery. That’s like the Revolutionary War patch that was displayed when they were fighting the British,” said the mother.

While the mother spoke, the school staff member started waving and shaking her head. When the mother concluded her point by suggesting that the staff member might be confusing the Gadsden flag with the Confederate Flag, the staff member argued that she was merely upholding the established policy and acknowledged the mother’s right to disagree with it.

However, this response didn’t satisfy the mother, who continued by pointing out that even the ACLU acknowledges Jaiden’s right to wear the patch if he desires.

Connor Boyack, author of Tuttle Twins, first reported this story and shared the video to social media.


The Vanguard School Board of Directors voted to allow Jaiden to display the “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on his backpack.

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