School Kicks Student Out of Class for Gadsden Flag Patch on Backpack… Mom Wasn’t Having It [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Jaiden (last name withheld), a twelve-year-old student at The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, ran into some trouble with his teachers when he wore a backpack adorned with a Gadsden flag patch. This action led to his removal from the classroom, and his mother was summoned to the office to address the situation and discuss Jaiden’s actions.

According to a member of the school staff, the famous flag was prohibited on campus owing to its “origins in slavery and the slave trade.” This statement amused Jaiden, who evidently has a deeper understanding of his country’s history than his own school does.

The flag in question originated during the Revolutionary War, signifying the populace’s defiance against the oppression of the British monarchy, which had exploited and mistreated the American populace. This resistance sparked the war that paved the way for the formation of the United States.

Jaiden’s mother recorded her conversation with a school staff member. During the exchange, she countered the notion that the Gadsden flag is linked to slavery, emphasizing its roots in the Revolutionary War. Throughout the video, the staff member maintained a confrontational stance, citing the need to adhere to the district’s policy.

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“Yeah, it has nothing to do with slavery. That’s like the Revolutionary War patch that was displayed when they were fighting the British,” said the mother.

While the mother spoke, the school staff member started waving and shaking her head. When the mother concluded her point by suggesting that the staff member might be confusing the Gadsden flag with the Confederate Flag, the staff member argued that she was merely upholding the established policy and acknowledged the mother’s right to disagree with it.

However, this response didn’t satisfy the mother, who continued by pointing out that even the ACLU acknowledges Jaiden’s right to wear the patch if he desires.

Connor Boyack, author of Tuttle Twins, first reported this story and shared the video to social media.

“Meet 12yo Jaiden who was kicked out of class yesterday in Colorado Springs for having a Gadsden flag patch, which the school claims has “origins with slavery. The school’s director said via email that the patch was “disruptive to the classroom environment,” Boyack wrote.


The story gets even more ridiculous.

Jeff Yocum, the Director of Operations at the Vanguard School, made an attempt to further rationalize the school’s stance regarding the Gadsden Flag. He referred to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which acknowledged that the flag “originated in the Revolutionary War in a non-racial context,” while also noting that “whatever the historic origins and meaning of the symbol, it has been sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages.”

Subsequently, the school’s director tried to rationalize Jaiden’s removal by referencing a frivolous article that lacked any facts about the Gadsden flag. Instead, the article centered on the feelings of woke people.

“The director then argued that the flag is associated with “hate groups,” linking to this weak article that cites a “graphic design scholar” who claimed that “some may now see the Gadsden flag as a symbol of intolerance and hate—or even racism,” Boyack added.

Yocum argued that the flag is associated with “hate groups” and referenced the article on, that cites a “graphic design scholar” who said that “some may now see the Gadsden flag as a symbol of intolerance, hate — or even racism.”

Boyack then highlights another curious detail. The school was unable to cite an actual rule that Jaiden had violated, prompting them to include the Gadsden flag in the same category as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons.

The flag bears no relevance to drugs or weapons, and the school’s action appears to contradict the initial explanation for Jaiden’s removal from class.

Following his dismissal from school for refusing to comply, Jaiden stood near a staff member’s car to point out the school’s hypocrisy. The school staff member’s car featured several bumper stickers advocating a far-left woke agenda, including phrases like “Make America Green Again” and “I’D RATHER BE SLOWLY CONSUMED BY MOSS.”

The Vanguard School Board of Directors called an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Board said:

Yesterday the student returned with the patch still visible on his backpack. Following the District’s direction, Vanguard administrators pulled the student aside so that they could speak with his parents and the District.

Upon learning of these events today, The Vanguard School Board of Directors called an emergency meeting. From Vanguard’s founding we have proudly supported our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the ordered liberty that all Americans have enjoyed for almost 250 years. The Vanguard School recognizes the historical significance of the Gadsden flag and its place in history. This incident is an occasion for us to reaffirm our deep commitment to a classical education in support of these American principles.

At this time, the Vanguard School Board and the District have informed the student’s family that he may attend school with the Gadsden flag patch visible on his backpack.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also weighed in on the matter, stating, “The Gadsden flag is a proud symbol of the American revolution and a iconic warning to Britain or any government not to violate the liberties of Americans. It appears on popular American medallions and challenge coins through today and Ben Franklin also adopted it to symbolize the union of the 13 colonies. It’s a great teaching moment for a history lesson!”

Jaiden’s experience is far from the first and unfortunately, it won’t be the last. Every time you get on the internet, you will find a new story of schools attempting to indoctrinate children with anti-American views, pro-LGBT stances, and promoting an array of woke leftist ideologies. Social media accounts, such as Libs of TikTok, offer insight into the education system where people identifying as “educators” openly acknowledge their efforts to brainwash children.

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