UPDATE: Tens of Thousands of Protestors Storm Brazilian Congress – Shots Fired [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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This is a developing story and will be updated as new details emerge.

Earlier Breaking Digest reported that hundreds of President Bolsonaro supporters had stormed Congress.

Hundreds of people appeared to have overcome security and stormed the National Congress building. Bolsonaro supporters have refused to accept the stolen election.

A massive crowd of Brazilians have descended on the capital of Brasilia to protest the stolen elections and are currently storming the National Congress. Police are using tear gas, Gunfire has been reported.

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The crowd cheered as police have been forced to retreat.

Reports state the number of protestors in the capital are in the millions.

Protestors have broken through the barriers around the National Congress and are storming the building,

Caption according to Google Translate: “Demonstrators break through barriers and occupy the National Congress.”

Gunfire or explosions can be heard in some videos posted to social media:

Protestors seem to have cornered police on the roof, who opened fire before retreating:

The presidential Palace has also been occupied:

Protestors have also stormed the Supreme Court, which is mainly responsible for the Communist coup and election fraud denialism:

Injured protestors were carried on stretchers, presumably with bullet wounds:

Military Police were seen to be taking selfies with the pro-democracy protestors:

Google translation: “

Military police df take photo and chat with protesters! They’re with the people!”

Protests have reportedly spread all across Brazil, such as in Florianopolis:

Google translation: “Of course I do not show you all the videos that flood the Brazilian web, but the people are out in ALL cities like here in Florianópolis, a seaside town in southern Brazil…”

Police were seen joining in the protests in Rio de Janeiro:

Mattew Tyrmand called it “civil war”:

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