Stephen Miller, America First Legal, and Texas AG Ken Paxton File Emergency Legal Action to Stop Joe Biden from Flooding America with Illegals

by J Pelkey
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Disgraced Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, continues to push the Big Lie that the border is secure.

Stephen Miller and American First Legal joined with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a coalition of states to shut down Joe Biden’s plan to flood America with illegals.

Stephen posted this on Friday:

6.5 million migrants have entered the U.S. illegally during Joe Biden’s first two years of residence in the White House. 15 million are expected with the elimination of title 42.

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From America First Legal:

Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed a supplemental lawsuit with the state of Texas, and in partnership with a coalition of states, against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for illegally authorizing an unlawful policy that will allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to be released into the United States. This brazen policy is in direct violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

The policy, called “Parole with Conditions,” allows aliens at the border to enter the United States virtually consequence-free. Under the policy, aliens receive a document requesting them to come back to DHS at some point in the future to be processed for immigration court proceedings. However, they almost never suffer any consequences if they ignore the request. The Parole with Conditions policy is a shameless violation of federal immigration law, which requires that aliens who cross the border illegally be processed right away for immigration court proceedings and that they be detained until their immigration court proceedings have concluded.

Parole with Conditions will cause irreparable harm to the United States. Costs for public education, law enforcement, incarceration, unreimbursed health care, and other public services for such illegal aliens will skyrocket – burdening the State of Texas, and every other State. Once paroled, these illegal aliens are released into the United States without restrictions as to where they may go and without monitoring or other safeguards to track their whereabouts. Even worse, federal regulations give paroled aliens the eventual right to receive public benefits such as welfare payments, food stamps, and Medicaid.

President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security continues to break the law in order to propel its destructive immigration agenda. Unauthorized mass immigration has severe implications for the American public – every state has become a border state.

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