Florida Man Who Self-Immolated Outside Trump “Hush Money” Trial Dies In Hospital

by J Pelkey
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The Florida man who set himself on fire outside of President Trump’s “hush money” trial in NYC has died in the hospital.

Max Azzarello, 37, from St. Augustine, succumbed to his injuries from self-immolation on Friday night — just hours after being transported to the hospital.

Reports indicate that Azzarello, a self-described investigative researcher, approached Trump supporters, removed his jacket and poured what appeared to be an alcohol-based cleaning accelerant on himself. Witnesses observed him sitting down shortly after, engulfed in flames.

As reported by the New York Post, moments before igniting himself, Azzarello retrieved a stack of colorful pamphlets from his bag and scattered them into the air. Some of these pamphlets directed readers to a Substack page titled, “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial.”

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The content found on the scattered papers mirrored what was posted on Azzarello’s Instagram page.

Upon further investigation into Azzarello’s background, it has been revealed that he harbored a strong disdain for Donald Trump.

His Instagram account features posts denouncing Trump while expressing support for Democrats, such as Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

Laura Loomer, who has been in New York to cover Trump’s trial, observed Azzarello’s presence outside the courthouse throughout the week, holding a sign that read, “Trump is with Biden and they’re about to fascist coup us.”

More evidence of Azzarello’s political leanings emerged when reporter Mike Crispi discovered Federal Election Commission (FEC) records showing Azzarello’s financial support for ActBlue and the Sanders 2020 campaign.

The incident left an impression on many Americans. Here is what people are saying:

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