Judge Declares Mistrial as Jury Fails to Reach Unanimous Verdict in Murder Trial for Arizona Rancher Who Killed Illegal Alien On His Property in Self-Defense

by J Pelkey
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On Monday, Arizona Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink declared a mistrial in the murder trial of Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

Following deliberations on Thursday, the jury remained deadlocked. Despite further discussions on Friday, which lasted over seven hours, the jury informed the judge they were unable to reach a decision.

Before the jury resumed deliberations on Monday, George Kelly expressed confidence to News Nation’s Ali Bradley, stating, “I’m going home today… For good,” as he entered the court in Santa Cruz County.


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AZ Central reported:

Jurors in the murder case against a Nogales-area rancher accused of killing an unarmed migrant on his property were unable to reach a unanimous verdict and remained deadlocked on the charges.

After more than 15 hours of deliberation, the judge declared a mistrial just after 4:30 p.m.

The trial centered on the Jan. 30 death of Mexican migrant Gabriel Cuen Buitimea who was found shot after rancher George Alan Kelly fired warning shots into the air, alleged his defense attorney.

George Kelly, the Arizona rancher who was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault for defending his wife and property from illegal invaders went on trial last month.

Kelly faced a second-degree murder charge for Buitimea’s death, and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for putting another man, Daniel Ramirez in danger. Ramirez had been traveling with Buitimea looking for work in the U.S. Buitimea’s body was found 115 yards, a football field away from Kelly’s house hours after the shooting incident.

Attorneys and the judge discussing which instructions to pass on to the jury noted the jurors looked tired and frustrated earlier that day when they told the judge they were at an impasse.

Prosecutors alleged that Kelly fired shots from his porch on his Nogales, Arizona ranch, situated near the US-Mexico border.

They claimed that one of the shots Kelly fired was directed at illegal aliens, leading to the death of Mexican national Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea.

Reports indicate that Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea had a record of illegal border crossings into the United States and had been deported multiple times.

Kelly’s attorneys countered, asserting that he fired shots into the air to deter the illegal invaders but did not aim his firearm at anyone.

The bullet that killed Cuen-Buitimea was never recovered.

The rancher stumbled upon the deceased illegal alien, who was likely a cartel smuggler, while checking on his horse.

Initially charged with first-degree murder, the charge was reduced to second-degree murder following an evidentiary hearing in court.

Kelly’s defense attorney, Brenna Larkin, argued to jurors that her client “was in a life or death situation.”

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