Rep. James Comer Demands Biden Release Visitor Logs for Wilmington, Delaware Home

by J Pelkey
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Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has sent a letter to White House chief of staff Ron Klain requesting the visitor logs for President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, where several classified documents have been found.

Three batches of documents have been found across Biden’s Delaware home and his old office at the Penn-Biden Center since November 2022. The discovery of the documents was revealed in January of this year.

The letter asks for the visitor logs dating from Jan. 20, 2021, to the present day, to be delivered no later than Jan. 30.

“It is troubling that classified documents have been improperly stored at the home of President Joe Biden for at least six years, raising questions about who may have reviewed or had access to classified information,” the letter reads.

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Comer also points out Biden’s personal attorneys and White House staff had access to the classified materials despite not having security clearance and searched Biden’s Delaware home for any other potential documents.

“As Chief of Staff, you are head of the Executive Office of the President and bear responsibility to be transparent with the American people on these important issues related to the White House’s handling of this matter,” Comer wrote to Klain.

In addition to the visitor logs, the letter requests that Klain provide all documents and communications related to the searches of Biden’s home for classified documents “included but not limited to the dates of the searches and identity of the aides.”

How much time does the commander in chief spend in Delaware? 61 weekends, or 195 days, according to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

Who has visited Biden during his nearly 200 days and nights in Delaware? If classified documents were sitting next to Biden’s Corvette in a home where, considering this is the “president”, many, many people were visiting, it’s important for the FBI and the public to know who was there.

When asked about the status of releasing the visitor logs, Jean-Pierre became flustered and frustrated.

“When will the White House release a log of visitors to the Wilmington house?” Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked.

Jean-Pierre replied instead by referring to the White House logs being made available to the public while ignoring the part about Wilmington.

“What about in his Wilmington house where there was potentially unsecured, classified material?” Doocy followed. 

“Again, we did something that the last administration got rid of, which is instituting the White House logs,” she said. “Did you ask the last administration why they got rid of the White House logs?”

This question needs to be answered. If the president, any president, spends 60 weekends away from the White House in under two years in office, the public has a right to know who is visiting him. This is especially true when the home had unsecured classified documents on the property. 

Other questions for the Biden administration:

Why didn’t the DOJ inform the public of the discovery of the classified documents when they were first discovered on Nov. 2? Is it because the midterm elections were coming a few days later?

Rep. Comer addresses the timeline in the letter:

The Committee is also concerned White House aides and President Biden’s personal attorneys searched the Wilmington residence knowing that the Department of Justice was already investigating the matter. Personal lawyers for the President first discovered classified documents at the Penn Biden Center on November 2, 2022. The National Archives informed the Department of Justice of President Biden’s improper storage of documents on November 4, 2022. On November 14, 2022, Attorney General Merrick Garland tasked U.S. Attorney John Lausch with reviewing whether a special counsel should be appointed.4 Despite the Department of Justice initiating its review of the matter, reports indicate that White House staff and President Biden’s attorneys continued searching his property. Only on December 20, 2022—over one month after Mr. Lausch began his review—did the President’s personal lawyers notify Mr. Lausch of additional classified documents that were found at the President’s Wilmington residence.

On January 5, 2023, Mr. Lausch notified the Attorney General that a special counsel was warranted. That notification still did not dissuade the President’s attorneys from accessing his residence on January 11, 2022, or White House counsel from accessing his residence on January 12, 2022. On January 12, 2022, the Attorney General announced the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur. Nonetheless, President Biden has returned to Delaware this weekend without any reported law enforcement ever conducting an independent search for classified materials.

On January 10 and 13, 2023, the Committee wrote the White House Counsel’s Office to inform the White House that the Committee has initiated an investigation into President Biden’s possession of highly classified documents from his time as Vice President.10 This letter supplements those requests.

The letter to Ron Klain can be found here.

Why is this information coming out now, six years after the documents were originally stored? Is it because a majority of Democrats (57 percent) and most Americans (70 percent) don’t want Biden to seek a second term given that he’s already in his eighties? 

Why were the documents split up among two locations in Washington and Wilmington?

Finally, what do these documents contain? Do they pertain to Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings involving alleged influence peddling in the family name in China and Ukraine? And do these documents show that Joe Biden profited from those deals, as Hunter Biden’s business partner has alleged?

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