Joe Biden Relaxes at the Beach While 30 Americans Are Held Hostage by Hamas Terrorists

by J Pelkey
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As World War III looms, resident Joe Biden can be found relaxing in his favorite place – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Israel has threatened to wipe Iran and Lebanon off of the earth if the terrorist group Hezbollah gets involved in the war.

China deployed warships to the Middle East over the weekend.

The Pentagon has issued “Be ready to deploy” orders.

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Hamas is currently holding at least 30 Americans hostage.

And… Illegal aliens continue to stream into the US through Biden’s wide-open southern border.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is spending the weekend at his luxury Rehoboth Beach home.

On Sunday, Biden was questioned about the Israel-Hamas war by a reporter as he was leaving a church service. The reporter asked, “Are you encouraging the Israelis to delay invasion?”

“I’m talking to the Israelis,” Biden responded.

When another reporter asked, “Any word on any additional hostage releases, sir?” Biden ignored the question and proceeded into the presidential motorcade.


Later Sunday evening, Joe and Dr. Jill were seen strolling along the shoreline near their Rehoboth Beach home. Reporters attempted to get answers about Americans held hostage by Hamas, but once again, Biden ignored their questions because he doesn’t care.

Daily Mail reported:

President Joe Biden plans to escape Washington for the weekend and head to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home as the crisis continues in the Middle East and chaos over House speakership has left Congress unable to help.

In the Middle East, Israel is readying a ground invasion of Gaza, while U.S. troops have been targeted in Iraq and Syria, all the while the clock is ticking to get more U.S. hostages back as the first two were relaesed.

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