Project Veritas Action: Democrat NY Election Inspector Caught Deceiving Voting System to Secure Republican Spot at Polling Location

by J Pelkey
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Breaking Digest previously reported that Project Veritas Action (PVA) released videos exposing electioneering for Democrats at two separate polling locations in Pennsylvania.

In the first video, a Pennsylvania election official was caught on hidden camera telling a PVA journalist to “vote Democrat” down the ballot inside a polling location. The official, Christie Yang, is the election board’s Mandarin translator.

The second video exposes more illegal electioneering for Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman right outside the door of a polling location in Pennsylvania. According to the Philadelphia guide for election board officials, electioneering is not allowed within 10 feet of a polling place.

At this location, not only were Democratic candidate campaign materials posted at the door, PVA undercover journalists were handed instructions on exactly how to vote – for Democrats, of course… within arm’s reach of the door.

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PVA has released a third video that exposes a Democrat NY election inspector, Donald Skinner, who admits that he deceives the voting system by registering as a Republican to secure a Republican spot at a polling location in the Bronx.


PVA Journalist: Are people actually voting for Zeldin here?

Skinner: Some are, not all. There are a few Republicans who come around, so…

PVA Journalist: What are we doing about that?

Skinner: Nothing…I mean, I’m a Republican but I vote Democrat. So…

PVA Journalist: What?

Skinner: Yeah…

PVA Journalist: What do you mean?

Skinner: In order for me to work [at this polling location], I had to be a Republican.

PVA Journalist: Why?

Skinner: Because they [Republicans] were the only ones that were giving out the [poll worker] jobs at the time…so if I wanted to go out there and change the system, from within inside, I had to be a Republican.

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