Pfizer Partners with Marvel to Release a Digital Comic Book Encouraging People to Get Their Covid Shot and Become an ‘Everyday Hero’

by J Pelkey
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Pfizer announced on Tuesday that it would issue a digital propaganda comic book in collaboration with Marvel to urge people to get the Covid shot and become an ‘everyday hero.’

“Pfizer and BioNTech announced our new collaboration with Marvel Comics. Together we created a custom comic book featuring the Avengers who fight to protect their community,” Pfizer said in a statement.

“We hope that people around the world enjoy reading the comic book… At Pfizer, we encourage people to come together to help protect themselves by staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations.”

The new comic, titled “Everyday Heroes,” is another publicity stunt from the big pharma after a slow jab rollout when almost two-thirds of American adults do not intend to get an updated booster shot.

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“We are proud to work with Marvel, which is so firmly entrenched in global culture and entertainment, to help remind people of the actions they can each take to help protect themselves, similarly to how the Avengers protect their community,” Pfizer said in a statement shared with Fierce Pharma Marketing.

From page 2 of the digital comic:

Daily Mail reported:

The plot of the new comic centers around a grandfather waiting for his jab at a clinic that comes under attack by the Avengers villain Ultron.

Ultron — a maniacal robot that constantly evolves and comes back stronger — is used to represent Covid, which is constantly mutating into new strains.

Captain America arrives at the scene and is pushed to the brink of defeat before Iron Man — who is supposed to represent Pfizer’s new jab — arrives with a brand-new cannon that blasts Ultron into the sky.

The grandfather tells the reader that even superheroes have to keep ‘adapting’ to fight off Ultron — a clear reference to the updated vaccines.

Explaining how the villain mirrors Covid, the grandfather says he ‘keeps changing and evolving’ so the Avengers — who represent Pfizer’s jabs — ‘keep adapting and re-strategising’.

The comic book then shows the Avengers — who mirror each of Pfizer’s shots — doing battle with Ultron.

But they struggle to beat him — because he has ‘evolved’ — leading to the fight coming to just outside the vaccine clinic.

But in the nick of time Ironman — who represents the updated booster shot — arrives and blasts Ultron into space using an ‘ionized energy cannon’.

After the battle, the grandfather is then called for his Covid vaccine, and later is shown smiling with a plaster on his left arm indicating that he has had the vaccine.

At the end we see builders, nurses, window cleaners, students and a grandmother with the slogan: ‘Everyday heroes don’t wear capes!

‘But they do wear a small bandage on their upper arm after they get their latest Covid vaccination — because everyday heroes are concerned about their health.’

Back in 2021, Pfizer released a disturbing ad celebrating those children who volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine trial, who then “became our superheroes.”


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