J6 Committee Releases Alleged “Walkie-Talkie” Recording from the J6 Protests – But They Lied and Got Caught

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, the January 6th Select Committee released a new audio record that they claim to be communications, over a walkie-talkie app, among Oath Keepers that were inside and others who were outside of the US Capitol on January 6th.

The J6 committee published the alleged audio recording with video showing the January 6 protesters walking peacefully inside of the US Capitol that day.

“The Select Committee has obtained a recording of communications over a walkie-talkie app among Oath Keepers who were inside the Capitol and others who were sharing intelligence from elsewhere.”

“Listen to how they reacted to President Trump’s 2:38 tweet in real-time.”

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On Saturday, Attorney Jonathon Moseley wrote the Gateway Pundit and told them the latest video pumped out by the J6 Committee about intercepted walkie-talkie communications is a lie, the Gateway Pundit exclusively reported.

From the Gateway Pundit:

John tells us the recording was not at the US Capitol and was not from walkie-takies.

As the former attorney representing Kelly Meggs, I received that recording over ZELLO from the prosecution team on October 19, 2021.

That is I can speak from personal, direct, first-hand knowledge that this is a 2 hour 20 minute recording of people watching TV.

This is NOT Oath Keepers at the Capitol.

These are NOT Walkie-talkie calls (which would mean they could only be intercepted within a short distance of the Capitol).

Jonathon then tells us the recording was provided earlier to defense attorneys by the federal government. And — according to Attorney Jonathon Moseley — The recording IS NOT from the US Capitol. It was a recording of people watching the news on TV!

I know this including from how it was described by the U.S. Government when the recording was provided to the defense attorneys.

First, notice there is NO crowd noise on the recording. This is NOT a recording from the US Capitol. No one on this recording is at the US Capitol.

This is a recording of people all over the country watching the news on TV.

What they are describing is what they are seeing ON TV.

The snippet released by the J6 Committee on Thursday is from a longer recording.

The J6 Committee released this video to the American public. The government therefore blew away the confidentiality of the recording and placed it in the public record.

So any previous restriction that there may have been on the recording was released by Congress’ public disclosure of the record.

The January 6th committee took a fake audio and combined it with a video of peaceful protesters walking inside the US Capitol and tried to push this lie on the American public.

They’ve got nothing and so now they are forced to lie. And lie they will.
What awful people.

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