House Rules Committee Votes to Advance McCarthy-Biden Debt Ceiling Bill

by J Pelkey
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On Tuesday, the House Rules Committee voted to advance the debt ceiling deal, titled the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The committee passed the bill in a narrow 7-6 vote, with Reps. Chip Roy and Ralph Norman voting against it, according to Fox News’ Congress reporter, Chad Pergram.

The full House of Representatives will vote on the bill Wednesday night.

On Tuesday, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry hinted at a potential motion to vacate McCarthy’s chair if the deal passes in the House.

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Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) was the deciding vote to advance the bill.

ABC News reported:

The House Rules Committee gave the green light for the Fiscal Responsibility Act to advance to the full House so members can hold a planned vote on Wednesday night before sending the legislation to the Senate ahead of Monday’s default deadline.

The panel advanced the bill to the floor for debate in a narrow 7-6 vote.

In a big win for Republican leadership, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky — a GOP hard-liner and fiscal hawk — voted in favor of the rule.

“Today’s bill is a product of compromise and reflects the realities of a divided government,” Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole, who supported the rule for the proposal, said as he began the meeting.

In his own remarks, Massie said, “My interest in being on this committee was not to imprint my ideology. I think that is an inappropriate use of the committee.” He later told reporters he planned to vote for the deal on the floor.

“I respect opposition to the Fiscal Responsibility Act, but I am voting yes. I’ve been in Congress for a decade and this is the first real bill that cuts spending. It also includes an automatic 1% cut to spending on January 1 if Congress doesn’t pass the 12 appropriations bills,” Massie wrote.

There is still strong opposition to the Fiscal Responsibility Act, particularly in the House Freedom Caucus.

On Tuesday members of the House Freedom Caucus held a press conference to express their opposition to the debt ceiling deal struct between McCarthy and Joe Biden.

During the press conference, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry did not rule out the possibility of filing a motion to vacate Speaker McCarthy’s chair if he pushes the Fiscal Responsibility Act through.


Under new House rules, only one member of Congress — Democrat or Republican — is needed to bring a motion to vacate, which would force a vote on removing McCarthy.

Only a simple majority of the House is needed to remove McCarthy.

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