House Republicans Schedule First Biden Impeachment Hearing

by J Pelkey
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The U.S. House of Representatives is set to hold its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry into White House resident Joe Biden next week.

On Tuesday, Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) announced that he has scheduled September 28th as the date for opening statements.

Congressional committees have uncovered bank records, credible whistleblower testimony and thousands of emails written by Joe Biden, under an alias, connecting him to his son’s shady business dealings. Biden has repeatedly claimed that he had no interactions with his son’s business associates, despite mounting evidence that contradicts his claims.

Bank records have shown that multiple members of the Biden family received over $15 million from various foreign countries, including China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania.

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The first hearing will be conducted by the House Oversight Committee, led by its chair, Rep. James Comer (R-KY).

The White House has attempted to get Americans to rally behind Joe Biden by painting the impeachment inquiry as “baseless” and labeling it a “political stunt,” even going so far as to demand that mainstream media outlets “debunk” the House GOP’s claims by repeatedly reporting that there is no evidence to support the inquiry.

The narrative push isn’t working.

Breaking Digest previously reported that, according to a recent Reuters poll, the majority about Americans support the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

The Democrat-controlled Senate is not expected to convict Joe Biden, but the impeachment inquiry will play out before the court of public opinion.

The inquiry is expected to reveal a lot of information that has been relatively unknown to a lot of the American public. All of the questionable activities will suddenly become widely known to a much larger audience. People who already have concerns about Biden, believing that he is too old and not mentally or physically fit to be president, will learn that he is also a criminal.

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