Ray Epps Finally Charged with ONE Misdemeanor After He Was CAUGHT On Video Urging Trump Supporters to Enter the US Capitol On January 6

by J Pelkey
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After nearly 3 years, Biden’s Department of Justice has finally charged Ray Epps on Tuesday.

Ray Epps is the only protester caught on video encouraging Trump supporters to enter the US Capitol on January 5th and 6th.

The man who openly called for the storming of the Capitol, and was captured multiple times on video actively inciting a riot, manages to elude seditious conspiracy charges without facing terrorism enhancements, while others who never set foot inside the Capitol remain detained, tortured and isolated, in a Washington, D.C. jail.


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These people think Americans are stupid.

The DOJ’s charging document against Ray Epps, which consists of one misdemeanor count for disorderly conduct, can be read below:

From Daily Mail:

Epps is accused of ‘knowingly, and with intent to impede and disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business and official functions, engage in disorderly and disruptive conduct.’

It states that this was in and around ‘any posted, cordoned-off, and otherwise restricted area within the United States Capitol and its grounds, where the Vice President was and would be temporarily visiting’.

He is also accused of ‘impeding and disrupting’ the ‘orderly conduct of Government business and official functions, and attempted and conspired to do so.’

Thousands of others who gathered on the restricted grounds have not been charged unless they engaged in aggravating conduct, such as attacking cops or destroying property.

Epps was videotaped telling people to go to the Capitol, and has only just been charged – months after others were linked to the case.

The delay in charges gave rise to the theory that he was an FBI plant sent to whip up the riot.


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