Angry New Yorkers Block Bus Transporting Illegal Immigrants to Former Nursing Home: Ten Arrested – “GET THEM OUT! [Video]

by J Pelkey
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A massive crowd of angry Staten Island residents took to the streets on Tuesday night to demand that illegal immigrants be removed from the island.

The protestors blocked an MTA bus that was transporting illegal aliens to a former nursing home facility that had been converted into a shelter.

As reported by the New York Post, protesters were captured on video shouting and preventing the bus from transporting the illegals to the former Island Shores senior assisted living facility.

In one video, protestors can be heard shouting, “You’re not welcome! You are illegal!” Another video shows them holding signs and chanting, “GET THEM OUT!”

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Watch (Warning: strong language):

Ten of the protestors were arrested despite the fact that there were no reported altercations.

One person, 48-year-old Vadim Belyakov, was charged for allegedly assaulting an officer who was in the process of making an arrest.


Adams criticized the protesters for what he called an “ugly display” during an interview with NY 1 News on Wednesday morning, essentially siding with the illegal aliens.


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