House Passes “Laken Riley Act” Despite Opposition from 170 Democrats, Including ALL 5 Georgia Democrats

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 7511, known as the “Laken Riley Act,” with a vote of 251-170.

Despite the necessity of the bill, 170 House Democrats voted against it, highlighting their disregard for the safety of Americans.

The legislation requires ICE to arrest and detain illegal aliens, such as the murderer of Laken Riley, until they are deported from the US.

House Republicans emphasized, “Democrats don’t care about your safety.”

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Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) urged representatives to vote for the bill, saying, “As Joe Biden comes to the Capitol tonight to defend his atrocious record, the House is voting to rebuke him for the open-border policies that led directly to Laken Riley’s murder.”


The legislation was named in honor of 22-year-old Laken Riley, a University of Georgia student who was murdered by a Venezuelan illegal immigrant.

The perpetrator of this heinous act crossed into the US as a direct result of Joe Biden’s open border policies.

An unsealed affidavit revealed that the assailant brutally “disfigured her skull” during the attack.

Joe Biden can’t even be bothered to say her name, after causing her death with his reckless and lawless open border policies.


All 5 House Democrats representing Georgia voted AGAINST the Laken Riley Act.

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