As Anticipated, Biden Warns of Dangerous “MAGA Republicans” in Primetime Address

Most Americans Aren't Buying His Push As Midterms Loom

by J Pelkey
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Biden speaking in Prime-time address (MSNBC)

As anticipated, Biden delivered a prime time address that primarily focused on warning Americans about the dangers of “MAGA Republicans”, repeatedly lying about Trump supporters, the economy, the state of our country, and labeling his opposition, the majority of Americans, “Extremists”.

With a heckler shouting, “F*ck Joe Biden” throughout the 20-plus minute speech, the president called “MAGA Republicans” and supporters of his predecessor and potential 2024 rival, Donald Trump, a threat to “the republic.”

Unsurprisingly, he spent a lot of time explaining the legitimacy of his “81 million votes” while discrediting the allegations of the election being stolen, declaring that he “will not stand by and watch” it happens.


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Most Americans would agree with Biden’s statement that, “too much of what’s happening in our country is not normal”, though no reasonable person, paying a modicum of attention, would put the blame on Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans”. In fact, some might argue that the departure from “normal” began when the vote counting stopped on November 3, 2020.

Responses on Twitter to his warning of “threats to democracy” were just as expected, right on point.

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