Google Removes Pro-Trump Ad, Reinstates It Following Public Outrage

by J Pelkey
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Google faced severe backlash over the weekend for banning a pro-Trump advertisement highlighting the huge increase in the cost of living under Joe Biden. However, with thousands of users outraged, the ad was eventually restored.

The short advertisement features a voter receiving a call from a Biden campaign volunteer. When the volunteer informs the voter that she is with the Biden campaign, the man reveals that he voted for Biden in the last election. He then points out that “everything costs more” now, including basic necessities like gas, food, and housing.

“Ok, but Biden is helping pay rent for newcomers to America from around the world,” the Biden campaign volunteer says.

“You mean illegal immigrants?” the voter replies. “I’m struggling to pay my bills but Biden’s paying rent for illegals? They get handouts and I’m paying for it.” He then tells her things were better before Biden and that he is voting for Trump before hanging up on her.

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The super PAC spent over $15,000 to target the ad towards rural voters in Macon, Georgia. However, after being active for several hours, NBC News reporter Andrew Arenge noticed that it was removed due to a “privacy violation.”


Conservative users immediately called on other users to “make it go viral” and to “teach Google a lesson.”

One day after the ad was initially taken down, Make America Great Again Inc. re-uploaded it to Google. The tech giant seems to have changed its stance following the public outrage, as Arenge observed that all ads are now running without restrictions. “All four of the ads highlighted below were flagged in my tweet from yesterday and it appears they’ve all been turned back on,” Arenge wrote in an X post, accompanied by a screenshot of the ad’s status.

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