Sheriff Grady Judd Exposes US Govt Practice of Providing Unlimited Plant Tickets to Illegals to Any Destination Within the US

by J Pelkey
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The Biden administration is facilitating the transportation of trafficked illegal aliens involved in the sex industry across the United States free of charge. These victims of trafficking are granted unlimited free flights to any destination within the United States, with taxpayers bearing the cost.

Your hard-earned tax dollars are being utilized to fly illegally trafficked individuals in the sex trade across the US, further exploiting them.

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd held a press conference on Wednesday, during which he detailed how these illegal aliens are being victimized here in the United States by human trafficking, facilitated by our federal government.

Sheriff Grady Judd:

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And What this is… and I want everybody to see it clearly. Federal policy drives illegal immigrant crime and victimization. And that’s the focus other than our victims of human trafficking.

Listen, folks, I want to introduce you to Andres Gill. Okay? Here’s this guy. He’s also on this board, but get a look at him for a second. He came down here from New York with three females. All of them are in the country illegally. Did you hear what I said?

They’re all here illegally. He’s the one that comes with them to drive them. These ladies are all controlled by a human trafficker. We think their human trafficker is a female. She sets up their appointments, she puts their ads online, she tells them where to go. And by the way, on Friday, the victims of human trafficking, and we’ve grayed them out, three of them that are here illegally from Venezuela, three of them have to pay her 3,000 a piece on Friday or else they’re threatened.

So they’re not free, they’re really indentured, and they’re quote unquote, paying off their debt.

Now here’s what they told us. All right. I’m sure the federal government will verify that this is not true. But you decide who you want to believe, whether you want to believe these victims of human trafficking or the whitewash the federal authorities give you.

They said that when they came into the country illegally, DHS gave them a form, an ID, paperwork that allows them to fly for free.

You know how Southwest will let your bags fly free? Well, the federal government will let your illegal immigrants fly free.

And they operate out of New York and they were working up there. And the New York authorities said, hey, if you don’t have identification, you can’t work in our sex trade up here. You know, we don’t allow sex trade here at all. But New York allows you to do some stuff if you’ve got the proper authority.

So they say they make a lot of money. They’re addicted to it. These ladies are going to give you more details.

They tell us that they fly to major metro centers for free, on the federal government, where they set up their appointments for sex all around the country. Did you hear what I said?

Listen, folks, if they don’t pay 3,000 a piece on Friday, they’re in trouble. The human trafficker sets up the deal. Hey, this deal is just outside of Tampa. They say they show this id, this card, this paper, they fly for free down here, then they fly back. But we heard a similar theme from all 21 of these folks.

Watch a clip below:

Watch the full press conference below:

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