House Motion to Censure Serial Liar Adam Schiff Gets Second Change with a Crucial Revision

by J Pelkey
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The resolution to censure serial liar Adam Schiff will return to the House with a crucial tweak.

A week ago, the resolution to censure (publicly reprimand) the California Democrat was halted as several cowardly Republicans joined forces with Democrats to table the motion. However, now the aspiring senator from Southern California will face judgment once again.

With the tide turning against him, it is a fitting turn of events for Schiff, who previously served as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Throughout 2017 to 2020, he flagrantly abused his position, repeatedly lying to the American people about alleged evidence in the “Russia collusion” hoax against President Trump.

Schiff’s well-documented history of dishonesty was so undeniable that when Republicans gained control of the House following the 2022 midterms, newly appointed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took swift action. One of McCarthy’s initial moves was to remove Schiff from his position as a member of the committee he had previously chaired.

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The majority of Republicans who voted to table the resolution did so because they took issue with a specific provision: the inclusion of a $16 million fine for Schiff, which represented half the estimated cost of the special counsel investigation into the “Russia Collusion” hoax.

According to The Washington Times, on Monday, it was reported that the resolution’s sponsor, Republican representative Anna Paulina Luna from Florida, intends to reintroduce the resolution, this time without the fine.

On Thursday, Rep. Luna tweeted, “Censure Schiff Round 2 next week”:

In response, Thomas Massie, one of the leading GOP opponents of the $16 million fine for Schiff, expressed appreciation for the revision. Massie, who is currently engaged in a legal dispute with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding a fine imposed on him for not wearing a mask on the House floor during the COVID-19 pandemic, argued that the inclusion of the fine in Luna’s initial resolution violated both the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, which pertains to compensation for members of the House and Senate, and the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

Schiff undeniably played a significant role in fueling the hype against the Trump presidency. However, the blatantly corrupt and politicized FBI leaders and agents are also to blame. Furthermore, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were deeply entwined in the hoax, while the “Pulitzer-prize-winning” mainstream media outlets and social media platforms conspired with Democrats to shape the narrative, ultimately impeding the Trump presidency.

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