TRAITORS: These 20 Republicans Voted with Democrats to Protect Serial Liar Adam Schiff

by J Pelkey
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On Tuesday, Rep Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) announced that the House would hold a vote this week to censure and impose a fine on serial liar Adam Schiff.

Luna asserts that any Republican who chooses not to support the resolution is revealing their true colors as members of the Deep State.

Luna argues that Schiff’s conduct amounts to a breach of public trust and undermines the integrity of the legislative process.

“Representative Schiff exploited his position on HPSCI (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) to promote and excuse abusive intelligence investigations of Americans for political purposes,” Luna declared, expressing her disgust with her colleague’s actions.

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“The American taxpayers shelled out $32 million to fund an investigation into collusion launched as a result of Representative Schiff’s lies, misrepresentations, and abuses of sensitive information,” said Luna.

Luna called for Schiff to face financial consequences, suggesting that he should be responsible for $16 million, which accounts for half of the total cost of the fake Russia collusion investigation. This proposal follows an investigation by the Ethics Committee, which determined that Schiff lied, misrepresented, and misused sensitive information.

During the vote on Wednesday, a total of 20 Republican traitors sided with the Democrats in opposing the censure motion against Adam Schiff. Luna had introduced a bill seeking to impose an enormous $16 million fine on Schiff for his involvement in the lead-up to the first impeachment of President Trump.

The resolution was voted on in the chamber, resulting in a tally of 225-196-7. Twenty RINO Republicans aligned with Democrats in voting against the resolution, while seven lawmakers, comprising five Democrats and two Republicans, voted present.

Adam Schiff gloated and attacked MAGA Republicans after the vote in a post on Twitter:

Here are the 20 traitors who sided with the Democrats:

  1. Armstrong (ND)
  2. Chavez-DeRemer (OR)
  3. Ciscomani (AZ)
  4. Cole (OK)
  5. Davidson (OH)
  6. Fitzpatrick (PA)
  7. Granger (TX)
  8. Graves (LA)
  9. Kean (NJ)
  10. Kiley (CA)
  11. Kim (CA)
  12. Lawler (NY)
  13. Massie (KY)
  14. McClintock (CA)
  15. Molinaro (NY)
  16. Obernolte (CA)
  17. Simpson (ID)
  18. Turner (OH)
  19. Valadao (CA)
  20. Womack (AR)

The two Republicans who voted present:

  1. Darrell Issa, California (CA)
  2. George Santos, New York (NY)

The three Republicans who chose not to vote:

  1. Neal P. Dunn, Florida (FL)
  2. Tony Gonzales, Texas (TX)
  3. Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina (NC)

Vote these 20 cowards out!

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