Former White House Physician Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Cognitive Decline: “He Has Degenerated Quite a Bit” [Video]

by J Pelkey
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In a recent interview, former chief White House physician under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), raised concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline and called for him to resign.

Concerns about Joe Biden’s age have consistently ranked as a top issue among voters from all political affiliations in various polls. If re-elected, Biden, already the oldest president in American history, would be 82 years old and would turn 86 by the end of a hypothetical second term.

In a recent CNN survey among likely New Hampshire primary voters, 56 percent of respondents identified Biden’s age as their primary concern.

During an interview on Fox News, host Steve Doocy asked Rep. Jackson about ongoing worries regarding Biden’s age and health. Jackson remarked, “You know, I’ve been saying for quite some time now when he was candidate Joe Biden that I didn’t think that he had the cognitive ability to do the job,” Jackson said, adding, “And I’ll tell you what you can do, I did this the other day. I went back and I looked at some video from him when he was running for president last time and compared it to video from now. And he has degenerated just quite a bit over the last three years.”

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“It’s just incredible to see the difference. And I think now the Democrats are starting to get to the point where they can’t deny it. I mean, the mainstream media has been talking about it for the last six months or so,” he continued. “But we can’t we can’t endure this anymore. This is just you know, he’s got he’s got these people that surround him that are inappropriate and encouraging him to continue to run because it builds up, you know, who they are and what they do.”

Doocy then asked if it would be appropriate for Biden’s family members to step in and urge him to resign before his cognitive abilities deteriorate further.

“Well, they absolutely should,” Jackson answered. “I took care of three presidents now. President Trump was my patient as well. And, you know, this is a demanding job.”

“I mean, you have to be completely on your game 24-7, 365. And now he’s going to be confronted with wars overseas. And everything going on in our economy, on our border, while he’s trying to campaign for president. He can’t do this at all.”


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