Alex Jones to File Lawsuit Against FBI and CIA After CIA Officer Caught On Video Admitting Feds Targeted Him [Video]

by J Pelkey
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During an appearance on the Benny Johnson show, media personality Alex Jones announced his intention to file lawsuits against both the FBI and CIA.

His announcement came after the release of an undercover video by Sound Investigations, wherein a CIA officer admitted that the feds targeted conservatives, including Jones.

Previously, Breaking Digest reported on the undercover video, which captured Gavin O’Blennis, a Contracting Officer for the CIA, making statements on hidden camera. O’Blennis boasted that the FBI could frame individuals and “jail anyone”, referring to this tactic as a “nudge.”

O’Blennis specifically identified right-wing journalists, including Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, as problematic. He suggested that the FBI had financially crippled Jones and hindered his operations by metaphorically “chopping his legs off.”

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O’Blennis further revealed the presence of undercover FBI agents during the Capitol protests on January 6, 2021, suggesting widespread federal involvement. He referenced the use of “embellished news” and “fake social media” as methods to provoke public outrage and shape public opinion.


In his conversation with Benny Johnson, Alex Jones expressed his belief that the revelations made by O’Blennis demand immediate action.

“I am planning to launch a lawsuit against the CIA and the FBI,” Jones stated.

He framed the timing of the undercover video’s release as divine intervention, as it coincided with the conclusion of his bankruptcy proceedings and other legal affairs.

The founder of Infowars asserted that the depiction of him by the media and the government was a distortion aimed at vilifying him. He stated that his upcoming lawsuit would serve not only as personal vindication but also as an effort to expose the overreach of “rogue agencies” functioning akin to a “domestic KGB.”

When discussing potential legal strategies, Jones mentioned consulting with several law firms. He emphasized First Amendment violations as a central concern and underscored the importance of unveiling evidence through the discovery process in court.

Additionally, he publicly appealed to Elon Musk, noting Musk’s support for various lawsuits related to freedom, urging him to assist in uncovering the truth.


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