East Palestine OH Mayor Rejects Joe Biden’s PR Visit a Year After Catastrophic Toxic Explosion Says Biden Should Visit in 2025 When He’s On His Book Tour

by J Pelkey
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On February 3, 2022, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, a town with a population of about 4,800 near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Among the 11 derailed train cars were some carrying hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic substance. Following an enormous toxic chemical explosion, government officials opted to burn the chemicals rather than let them drain the ground, resulting in a massive toxic plume over the town.

Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to show his face.

Almost immediately following the incident, Trump visited the area and received a warm reception

In an attempt to save face, the Biden regime sent diversity hire Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

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The White House revealed on Wednesday that Joe Biden will be traveling to East Palestine, Ohio in February, although no specific date was provided. This visit comes nearly a year after President Trump’s visit to the disaster site following the tragic incident.

They think the people are stupid.

The people know that he’s only doing this because it is an election year.


East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway has openly condemned Joe Biden for his delayed response to the disastrous train derailment that afflicted the town a year ago.

Speaking to Fox News, Mayor Conaway said that a visit from Biden now, nearly a year later, would be ill-timed.

He doubled-down on his comment that the best time for Biden to visit would be in February of 2025, “when he’s on his book tour.”

“I wrote a letter to him, him about a month ago saying that I think he needed to come. And I was gracious in the letter. I think he needs to see what’s going on here,” Conaway said.

“Do you still stand by that comment about the book tour?” asked Fox Business reporter Kelly Saberi.

“I 100% stand by the comment about the book tour. I think that’s the best time for Joe Biden to come. I think the best time for him to come would have been whenever this happened,” Conaway said.


When asked if Joe Biden would demonstrate the safety of the local water by drinking it during his visit, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, caught off guard, began momentarily stammering before finally stating, “This is not about some sort of political stunt here…this is about this president being a president for everyone and showing up for this community.”


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