Colorado Police Arrest Registered Sex Offender After He Attempted to Kidnap a Young Boy

by J Pelkey
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Last Friday, a troubling incident unfolded at Black Forest Hills Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado, leading to the arrest of a registered sex offender.

Parents received an urgent message from the school administration, informing them that an unidentified adult male trespassed onto the school’s field, approached a group of fifth graders, and briefly interacted with them before departing.

According to the Aurora Police Department (APD), the suspect allegedly attempted to grab one of the students but fled the premises before law enforcement arrived.

A search in the vicinity promptly resulted in the apprehension of 33-year-old Solomon Galligan, who was identified as a sex offender with a history of similar charges dating back to 2012, as reported by KDVR.

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Following an investigation into his background, Galligan was arrested on Friday as officers identified him as matching the suspect description. Further scrutiny revealed a recent arrest in January for failing to register as a sex offender.

The Cherry Creek School District 5, which oversees Black Forest Hills Elementary, promptly notified parents of Galligan’s arrest and the charge of attempted kidnapping against him.

In a subsequent communication, the district stressed the importance of vigilance and safety, offering guidance to parents on teaching their children about stranger danger and reporting suspicious activities.

“We share this information to keep you informed and offer some important safety tips. Please remind your child to be watchful as they are walking to and from school, to walk in pairs or with friends, and to avoid talking with and to never accept a ride from strangers. Also, remind students to report anything suspicious to police or a trusted adult at school,” according to the email.

Galligan is currently being held in the Arapahoe County Jail with a bond set at $25,000, facing charges of attempted kidnapping. An advisement hearing for Galligan is scheduled for Monday.

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