Washington State Judge Rules Trump Will Stay On 2024 Ballot

by J Pelkey
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A Washington state judge has handed President Trump another huge win in his ongoing battle against efforts to remove him from ballots in multiple states.

Late on Thursday, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson rejected a last-minute effort to deny Trump access to the 2024 presidential ballot. The judge determined that the state’s Democrat secretary of state had acted “consistent with his duties” by permitting Trump to be included among the GOP contenders.

Washington Examiner reported:

A Washington state judge ruled that former President Donald Trump will stay on the state’s primary ballot. The news comes amid a multistate effort to remove him over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson rejected the request from eight voters that Trump not be allowed on the ballot because he was ineligible for office due to his role in the Jan. 6 riot.

Wilson said Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, a Democrat, “acted consistent with his duties” when making the candidate lists based on the parties’ submissions, and state law requires any challenge to the candidate list to occur within two days of the list’s publication.

“The court determines that the secretary of state acted consistent with his duties,” Wilson said in the ruling. “An order directing the secretary of state to take different action, an order from this court, is simply not supported by the statutes and not supported by the affidavit of the electors.”

The court documents:

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Here’s a statement from Liz Harrington, Trump’s Spokeswoman, on this latest victory:

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