Trump Wins Iowa Caucus In Massive Historical Landslide

by J Pelkey
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In what turned out to be a historical landslide victory, President Trump took all 99 counties, leaving no question about his overwhelming support from the voters in the state of Iowa.

The race was first called by CNN.

To put this in perspective, CNN’s Jake Tapper said that this was the earliest he could recall projecting a winner in all his years of covering the Iowa Caucuses.


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Fox News reported:

Former President Trump stunned the American political scene Monday with what could shape up to be a near-record margin of victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who once represented the now-key swing state of Georgia, said Trump’s victory comes in spite of all of the mainstream media’s efforts and foreshadowing of a resounding defeat.

“[D]espite every lawsuit, despite every effort to destroy Trump, the people of Iowa have stood up and said, ‘No, he is our candidate’,” Gingrich

Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume said Monday that Trump’s large margin-of-victory proves his “enduring appeal” with Republican voters.

He said Fox News voter analysis polling has shown GOP voters want a political “upheaval” of the current state of affairs, and that Trump is the person they believe to be the most suited to bring it about.

Hume added that caucusgoers supporting Trump likely voted in-part based on their recollections of America prior to Biden’s tenure:

“I think a lot of the strength of his appeal is based upon people’s memories of how it was pre-COVID, while he was president. They remember the economy and how it boomed,” he said. “They remember the fact that we weren’t in any wars or even indirectly funding wars overseas that they knew about.”

The GOP presidential race advances to New Hampshire, where the latest polls show Trump leading Haley by a low double-digit margin. Haley is aiming to cause an upset by garnering support from Independents and Democrats to extend the competition.

President Trump gave a brief speech following his victory.


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