Trump Delivers Victory Speech, Following Sweep of 14 Out of 15 States on Super Tuesday

by J Pelkey
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President Trump gave a victory speech Tuesday night at his Mar-a-Lago home following his triumph in 14 of the 15 Super Tuesday states.

Nikki Haley narrowly clinched a win in Vermont, where they held an open primary in a heavily left-leaning socialist state.

In his Mar-a-Lago address, President Trump emphasized the devastation caused by the Biden administration.

Partial transcript of Trump’s speech:

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He’s the worst president in the history of our country. There’s never been anything like what’s happening to our country.

Today it was announced that 325,000 people were flown in from parts unknown. Migrants were flown in airplanes, not going through borders, not going through that great Texas barrier that I was with the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, the other day, and we were looking at the job they’re doing. But in the meantime, they’re pouring into California and they’re pouring into Arizona because those governors aren’t doing anything. They’re doing nothing.

But today it was just announced before I came out, it was unbelievable. I said, that must be a mistake. They flew 325,000 migrants, flew them in over the borders, in, into our country. So that really tells you where they’re coming from.

They want open borders and open borders are going to destroy our country. We need borders and we need free and fair election.


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