TREASON: Rep. Waltz Says DOD Told Him China Spy Balloons Crossed US During Trump Years but Gen. Mattis DID NOT TELL TRUMP [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) joined Stuart Varney on Monday morning on FOX Business Network.

Rep. Waltz says current Pentagon officials briefed him over the weekend and said Chinese spy balloons crossed over Texas and Florida during the Trump years.

Rep. Waltz said that General Mattis, who was Secretary of Defense at the time, decided not to inform President Trump because the Pentagon thought Trump was “too provocative and aggressive”.

If this is true, it is treason.

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House Republicans must call on General Mattis to immediately testify under oath.

The reasoning that Trump was “too provocative and aggressive” makes zero sense as President Trump is the first US president in over 40 years not to start a war.

Either the current Pentagon is lying to take the attention off of Biden’s inaction, or the former Pentagon was treasonous.

Neither scenario is good. Mattis has some explaining to do.

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL): My office has been briefed by the office of the Secretary of Defense of the current Pentagon that it happened over Florida, it happened over Texas, and that it’s happened before. We have more detailed questions but what is unclear, Stuart, at this point is, did the Pentagon under the Trump Administration brief the Trump White House and give them the option to take action or did they decide not to brief them for whatever reason? And there is some speculation, I talked to Trump administration officials over the weekend, that the Pentagon deliberately did it because they thought Trump would be too provocative and too aggressive. So that’s what we need to get to the bottom of and one person that I’m waiting to hear from that we haven’t heard from that list is former Secretary of Defense, General Mattis who was the secretary during this time period. What did he know and what did he decide to pass on and brief to the president.


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