Saturday Night Live Season Debut a Total Flop

by J Pelkey
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Saturday Night Live’s season debut was a total flop.

The woke ‘comedy’ show is in its 48th year and struggling to attract a sizable audience.

The ‘cold open’ included a sketch of Peyton and Eli Manning making fun of Saturday Night Live for sagging in the ratings and trying to recover from a departure of big-name cast members.

Within the first minute of the sketch – enter Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago with classified documents – *eyeroll* – no wonder why people have tuned out SNL.

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The Daily Beast reported:

A lame attempt to find out the self-deprecation in “Saturday Night Live,” complete with “unexplained” cameos and descriptive jokes, largely failed – despite the presence of Jon Hamm.

After eight cast members — including big names like Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson — departed over the summer, Lorne Michaels announced that season 48 of Saturday Night Live would be a “renewal year” for the show. And while it’s hard to know what that might mean in practice, the lack of star power can certainly be felt in the fall’s first cold open chart.

They even called on host Myles Teller to play Peyton Manning, who along with Andrew Dismukes’ Eli Manning provided a spin-off commenting on playing separately the show’s inevitable agony. But the attempt to wink at the situation only highlights the extent of the loophole they are in. “There are a lot of changes to the show, which could be exciting,” Tyler Manning said. “Let’s see what they spent the entire summer coming up with.”

When Donald Trump blasted James Austin Johnson into a typical and predictable part of Mar-a-Lago during a hurricane, the Mannings family continually commented on just how terrible the whole thing was. They annoyed the new recruits for making a mess, blasted a “sudden confusion” from Bowen Yang who “was supposed to take a step forward this year” and drew attention to McKinnon’s absence by asking why no one would impersonate Anthony Fauci, Lindsey Graham or Rudy Giuliani.

Ultimately, trying to figure out self-deprecation came about as a very unfunny look that did nothing to calm viewers worried about how SNL was able to reinvent itself this year. The only way the opening can be considered a success is if the goal is to lower expectations as much as possible.

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