Woman Explains Why “Blue” is Bad at MI Trump Rally: “It’s A RED WAVE Now! People are getting tired of voting Democrat!” [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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President Trump held a Save America rally in Warren, Michigan yesterday to boost Republican candidates in the state who are facing tough elections against Democratic incumbents in statewide races.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno, and Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo are some of the people who appeared.

Hours before the rally was scheduled to occur, the venue was already packed with thousands of America-First supporters who were eager to hear from President Trump and Republican candidates in the state.

People from across the country attended the rally, some of them arriving days before the event, including one woman from Tennessee who had been camping nearby since Wednesday.

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One woman who was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting Network said that she was ready for a red wave in Michigan, expressing her disappointment with the Democratic party.

“It’s a RED WAVE now! We about to flood DOWN TOWN!”

“People are tired of voting Democrat. What do you get from blue? Singing the blues, you’re cold and freezing, you feel sad.  With red, Republican, that is your heartbeat, your bloodline, the love. Let’s bring a red wave to Michigan, we need it.”

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