“Safe and Effective”: Fully Vaccinated Senator Bernie Sanders Tests Positive for COVID-19

by J Pelkey
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Despite being vaccinated within an inch of his life, Bernie Sanders, the Democrat Senator from Vermont, has tested positive for COVID-19.

A vocal advocate for adhering to CDC guidelines throughout the pandemic, Senator Sanders received his vaccination earlier under the guidance of the Office of the Attending Physician. His first dose was administered on December 19, 2020, by Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the U.S. Capitol physician, a moment he shared on his website and social media.

Sanders, emphasizing the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, announced, “Following the advice of the Office of the Attending Physician, today I received the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. As the vaccine is being distributed, we must all continue wearing masks and engage in social distancing. That is how we will beat this virus and end this terrible pandemic.”

Sanders steadfastly promoted vaccination and public health protocols during the pandemic.

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“Washington State Dept. of Health reports that unvaccinated 65+ year-olds are 4 times more likely to get COVID compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds; 9 times more likely to be hospitalized and 9 times more likely to die compared with fully vaccinated. Get vaccinated!”

On Thursday, Sanders, who is 82 years old, confirmed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement on X, Senator Sanders gave the same scripted narrative that we have seen time and again: “I have tested positive for Covid. My symptoms are minimal, and I will continue to work from home in Vermont while isolating in accordance with CDC guidance. I am glad to be fully up to date with the vaccine.”

Take a look at some of the reactions to Bernie’s announcement of his positive COVID test:

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