“Party of Peace”: Missouri Democrat Party’s Official X Account Wished for Arson on a Trump Supporter’s House

by J Pelkey
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The Missouri Democrat Party’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, though later deleted without any apology or acknowledgment, found it acceptable and amusing to wish a house fire on a Trump supporter, as captured in their now-removed tweet.

Take a look:

That anyone in Missouri would suggest, even jokingly, that arson is an acceptable treatment for a family supporting a candidate from the other party is truly staggering. This sentiment is even more disheartening considering Missouri’s history, such as the violent events in Ferguson nine years ago. What makes it even more troubling is that the hateful message came from an official arm of the Democrat party. Unfortunately, none of this comes as a surprise, as the Democrats have long portrayed themselves as the Political Party of Peace™, but actions speak louder than words. Reports of Democrat politicians deliberately attempting to eradicate the middle class while endorsing violence against opponents have become so common that their presence barely registers anymore. Thus, the tweet from Missouri Democrats and its subsequent cowardly deletion without an apology just seems like another typical day in the life of the Political Party of Peace™

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