More PANIC: Rep. Goldman Cites Beau Biden’s Illness as Justification for Joe’s Calls with Hunter’s Associates [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Leftists are frantically attempting to run cover for Joe Biden amid the mounting evidence of his crimes.

On Tuesday morning, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) shared his account of Devon Archer’s bombshell testimony. When asked by an MSNBC host to provide a detailed account of what Archer’s testimony disclosed, Rep. Goldman emphasized the importance of contextualizing Archer’s words. He mentioned that the daily phone conversations between then Vice President Joe Biden and his son commenced in 2015, following the tragic death of Beau Biden.

“So let’s put this in context, Beau Biden got very sick in early 2015 and he died in the spring of 2015, which was right in the middle when Devon Archer had his business dealings with Hunter Biden. At that point Joe Biden and Hunter Biden began to speak every day because they were both devastated by Beau’s death,” claimed the obnoxious New York Democrat.

“They spoke every day,” admitted Goldman. “The witness testified that over his ten-year relationship with Hunter Biden there may be approximately 20 times when in one of those conversations, Hunter Biden would put his father at a dinner- not at a business meeting, at a dinner – that he was having if he happened to get a hold of his father and would ask his father to say hello to whoever was at the table.”

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“That was essentially the extent of it” claimed Representative Goldman. Goldman frantically added, “it was unclear and the witness testified that- this is not me saying it- a lot of times- most of the time- Joe did not even know who the people were at the dinner table.”


He acknowledged the possibility that this might have been Hunter’s way of saying, “Hey, this is the Vice President, this is my dad. But the critical part here for Congress and that is what we have to make sure we understand is that Joe Biden was doing nothing to benefit his son.”

In Mr. Goldman’s remarks, there were admissions indicating that, at least on some occasions, the then-Vice President was aware of the individuals present at the dinner table. Furthermore, he acknowledged the potential that Hunter might have used the phone conversations with his father as a means to give the impression to his business associates that he had access to his father’s influence.

Definition of influence peddling, via Wiktionary:

A type of corruption in which people use their connections with governments to gain favors or preferential treatment for a third party, usually in return for money.

An FBI memo has come to light, detailing a $10 million bribe that the Vice President and his son received via the Ukrainian company, Burisma Holdings, where Hunter Biden was employed.

Perhaps Democrats should have spent the days leading up to the hearing preparing, rather than bashing Trump.

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