WATCH: AOC Melts Down After Constituents Turn on Her

by J Pelkey
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a popular leader among her constituents.

Videos have been flooding social media lately showing AOC’s constituents turning on her in a big way.

Breaking Digest previously reported that she was absolutely obliterated by her former supporters during a town hall at Bronxdale High School on October 12.

At a recent townhall in Queens on Wednesday evening, she may have finally broke.

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The small crowd she garnered shouted at her for most of the event.

Being the child that she is, AOC simply shouted back at them.

It got weird…

At one point she awkwardly danced while the crowd heckled her and chanted “AOC has got to go!”


She then got a little heated after the crowd never settled down:

And then, very oddly, she attempted to get the crowd’s attention by saying, “listen listen” with an exaggerated latina accent, as Lavern Spicer points out below:

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