Nurse Whistleblower Shares Alarming Increase in Fetal Demises [WATCH]

by J Pelkey
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An NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse whistleblower reported shocking information about the rise in miscarriages.

Michelle Gershman revealed a horrifying email from a Fresno, California hospital that disclosed the increase in fetal demises (stillbirths).


From We Love Trump:

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A leaked email sent out to staff at a Fresno, California hospital reported an increase in stillbirths that is expected to continue.

An anonymous staffer leaked the email to The Epoch Times that explained the stillbirth rate has skyrocketed from the pre-COVID-19 jab average of one to two every 90 days in her hospital alone.

The staffer wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job.

“There were 22 demise patients in August [2022], which ties the record number of demises in July 2021, and so far in September there have been 7 and it’s only the 8th day of the month,” a managing nurse wrote, adding she hopes the “trend doesn’t continue indefinitely.”

“I know of a few more that are scheduled to deliver in the week ahead, so unfortunately the process is going to be very familiar with all of you,” the managing nurse said.

From Infowars:

According to Florida-based OB-GYN Dr. James Thorp, the emails are consistent with VAERS data and findings by numerous health organizations, and he noted the stillbirth rate actually decreased from 2018-2020, showing COVID-19 did not contribute to the increase in the stillbirth rate.

“It is also consistent with the data from our recently published study, the VAERS database, UK Yellow Card, World Health Organization’s VigiAccess, European Medicines Agency’s EudraVigilance, World Council of Health, and even from Pfizer’s own internal documents from their 5.3.6 postmarketing data that they attempted to suppress for 75 years,” Thorp said.

“Let that sink in: the peer-reviewed publications documenting severe adverse events after the COVID-19 vaccines in just 15 months dwarfs all other such reports from all other vaccines administered on all of the planet earth over the past century,” Thorp said.

“According to the national U.S. fetal death rate (stillbirths) per 1,000 births, there was a decline in rates from 5.89 in 2018 to 5.74 in 2020, convincingly suggesting that COVID-19 infections did not increase stillbirth rates in 2020.”

But using the data from the email, including the 22 stillbirths observed in July 2021 and August 2022, Thorp concluded the stillbirth rate went from 5.74 per 1,000 births in 2020 to 29.3 per 1,000 births in 2021 and 2022, more than a fourfold increase.

“This is clearly an extreme danger signal,” Thorp said. “The statistical probability of this occurring by chance alone is zero, and this could potentially be likened to a very rare 20-sigma event.”

Watch Michelle Gershman speak with Del Bigtree of The Highwire on Rumble via of Chief Nerd:

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