30-Year-Old Egyptian Footballer Suddenly Collapses Mid-Game After Suffering Cardiac Arrest [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Ahmed Refaat, a 30-year-old Egyptian soccer player suffered a cardiac arrest during a match with Al Ittihad Alexandria Club, leading to a critical medical emergency.

Refaat suddenly collapsed, prompting immediate medical intervention. Despite the prompt response of the on-site medical team, Refaat’s heart stopped beating for over an hour, as reported by Goal.com.

The match was immediately suspended as Refaat was rushed to Zamzam Hospital for urgent medical care.


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Modern Future FC expressed profound concern over the situation.

Per Kingfut:

“Ahmed Refaat’s heart stopped for more than an hour, despite all resuscitation attempts by the medical staff at Zamzam Hospital near the stadium before his heart rate improved gradually,” the club said.

“However, his condition is still medically unstable, which prevents his transfer. Unless his health condition stabilises, the player will continue to receive treatment and undergo the necessary tests.

“The club are following the situation on a momentary basis from the hospital, and everyone will be updated immediately.

“We would like to call on the media to respect the player’s personal life as well as his health and ask the Egyptian football fans to pray for Ahmed Refaat to be safe and sound as soon as possible.”

According to Lovin.co, Amr Osman, a medical supervisor and cardiology consultant for Modern Future FC, revealed that after nine days in the hospital, the rare and perplexing nature of Refaat’s heart condition continues to baffle even seasoned medical professionals.

“Refaat was resuscitated for two full hours, and every time he was resuscitated, the player’s heartbeat accelerated, returning to point zero, and we had to begin the resuscitation process again. The heart’s condition returned to point zero once more approximately every five minutes,” Osman said.

Osman added that Refaat’s kidneys and lungs are under close observation, with particular concern regarding his lung function, although the full extent of the impact remains uncertain.

Refaat is the 3rd soccer player to collapse on TV in one week.

Orlando Pirates Star Makhehlene Makhaula collapsed during a soccer match over weekend.


Estudiantes de la Plata’s Javier Altamirano suffered a seizure during match against Boca Juniors.


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