Man Out on Bond for Three Domestic Violence Charges Allegedly Poured Boiling Hot Water Down His Baby’s Throat

by J Pelkey
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An Alabama man with a history of domestic violence charges is accused of pouring boiling water down his 1-year-old daughter’s throat while out on bond.

Eugene Lamont Sneed, 23, of Mobile was charged with aggravated child abuse, according to WPMI.

Sneed has had three domestic violence charges against him in the past four years.

Sneed faced a third-degree domestic violence charge in 2018, a first-degree domestic violence charge in 2020 and another domestic violence charge in 2021.

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Niktoria Lett shares the 1-year-old child named Royalty, with Sneed.

“Nineteen percent of her head is burnt up, like all this is gone. And my baby just in the hospital fighting for her life,” she said.

She added, “Her lungs critical, everything critical.”

She said she had left the child with Sneed, the child’s father, to go to an event.

“I get in the apartment and my whole my, my baby face is just messed up,” Lett said. “Her whole head, her left shoulder is just like ooh!”

When she returned, she said, “I couldn’t even stand to look at her. I couldn’t even keep calm. I couldn’t even maintain my body for real, for real. So we rushed her to the hospital and from there, her injuries just started worsening.”

“They said it was an intentional thing that he did. Justice for Royalty! That’s all we want, that’s all we want.”

“Who would do something like this to an innocent baby? It’s not right,” Kiara Lett, the child’s aunt, said.

“That baby was there, she thought she was in a safe home with her father. It wasn’t right what he did to our baby. He messed up our life with this she was just an innocent child,” she said.

Baby Royalty is fighting for her life, according to her mom.

Prior to his latest arrest, Sneed was charged in 2020 with allegedly shooting an ex-girlfriend while their children were in the house, according to WZTV.

Sneed had been free on bond in that case, but since his latest charges, he is now being held without bond.

Mobile Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste said the incident shows the need for Alabama to adopt a piece of legislation called Aniah’s Law. The law is designed to make it harder for those accused of domestic violence from getting out of jail on bond, according to WPMI.

“People are entitled to bond but there are those instances where a person has shown propensities to continue to their violent or negative behavior and in those situations, we need to have at our disposal the ability to hold them accountable by keeping them in jail until their trial date,” he said.

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