Man Driving Stolen Vehicle Crashes into Building Causing it to Collapse – Pedestrian Also Killed [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, Maryland’s AG office released shocking footage of a crash that led to the collapse of an entire building in East Baltimore last month.

The car that crashed into the building was being pursued by police officers after it was suspected to be stolen.

Five passengers in the car were injured and a pedestrian was killed on the scene.

54-year-old Alfred Fincher was killed after being hit by Brunson’s vehicle and buried beneath the rubble, according to police. Five other people were injured and hospitalized.

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Shawn Lee Brunson, 33, was charged with stealing the vehicle.

Watch the crash here (Warning: potentially disturbing):

Here are the two vehicles buried underneath the rubble.

CBS Baltimore has the details:

The Maryland Office of Attorney General on Thursday released shocking footage of a crash that led to the collapse of a building in East Baltimore last month and left one man dead.

The driver of a suspected stolen car sped off as officers approached it on the night of Feb. 8, according to police.

The car struck another vehicle at the intersection of North Avenue and North Wolfe Street, sending both cars into a sidewalk and into the building, causing the collapse.

A pedestrian near the building at the time, 54-year-old Alfred Fincher, was buried by falling rubble. He was pulled from the debris, but pronounced dead on the scene, police said.

Five other people, including two in the stolen car, were injured and hospitalized. Shawn Lee Brunson, 33, was charged with stealing the vehicle.

Democrats have no business running government.

The entire incident might not have happened if it weren’t for Democrat policies.

The suspect likely shouldn’t have been on the streets, much less allowed to steal a car and cause a fatal accident.

According to online court records, Brunson is a previously convicted gun offender who failed to register back in 2016.

Since then, he’s also been found guilty of a 2021 assault for which he received a 15-year prison sentence, with seven months suspended.

Then, as a result of years of infrastructure neglect from the city, an entire building collapses in East Baltimore causing a pedestrian to lose his life.

And now the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is looking into the case to see if the officers involved properly followed state laws and departmental procedures while pursuing Brunson.

None of this had to happen.

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