Libertarian National Committee Files for Conservatorship for “Geriatric Elites” Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell

by J Pelkey
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The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) has filed for conservatorships for both Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Citing “clear incapacitation, mental lapses, and deficiencies in decision making.”

The LNC’s move follows numerous occurrences where both Biden and McConnell exhibited what the party describes as “embarrassing disorientation, mental confusion, and stroke symptoms.”

The LNC asserts that both Biden, 80, and McConnell, 81, have exhibited significant impairments  in their capacity to “receive and evaluate information effectively, make decisions, and communicate,” which suggests that they lack the capability to represent themselves or the American public.

In light of the Democrat and Republican parties’ failure to take action against these leaders, the Libertarian Party has taken it upon itself to address this matter.

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LNC Chair Angela McArdle commented, “One of the most insulting and infuriating things in American politics is the financial tyranny inflicted upon us by the geriatric elites.”

“These people have squatted in public office for decades, amassing massive wealth from lobbyists, Super PACs and tax dollars, while the average American feels the pain of inflation and watches their savings dwindle. Apparently, 50 years of “public service” is not enough for some of these people, and they stubbornly refuse to pass the torch, even though they are no longer fit for service,” McArdle added.

According to the committee, the actions of Biden and McConnell, which include the “indefensible incurrence of $4.8 Trillion in debt, continued involvement in an unwinnable proxy war in Ukraine, questionable and potentially criminal business and political affiliations, and lack of awareness to the state of the United States domestically,” make the conservatorships a matter of urgent concern.

The LNC is actively seeking legal counsel in Washington, DC, in order to expedite these proceedings.

“The Libertarian National Committee is doing the responsible thing: we are filing for conservatorship of Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell. These men are not well enough to make financial decisions with their own money or with taxpayer money, so we’ve compassionately decided to step in and make those important decisions for them,” said McArdle.

“We are seeking legal representation in these matters in Washington DC so that we can move forward with the proceedings as quickly as possible. If you are a DC probate attorney and you are interested in assisting us with this action, please reach out. We also encourage other aggrieved parties to file for conservatorship of as many incompetent geriatric members of the federal government as possible,” she added.

It’s clear to all Americans that Joe Biden is not mentally or physically fit to be president.

Earlier this month, aging and ailing McConnell appeared to “glitch”, for the second time in just a few months, during a press conference. McConnell experienced a prolonged pause and seemed to be disoriented when questioned about running for re-election in 2026.

On July 26, McConnell froze up during a Senate press conference.


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