Leftists Outraged After Men in Tactical Gear Were Filmed Watching Mesa Ballot Drop Boxes

by J Pelkey
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By now everyone knows that Democrats can’t win if they can’t cheat.

That’s why Democrats use every means necessary to steal ballots and allow fraudulent ballots to be inserted into our election totals.

And Democrats are outraged that anyone would stand in their way and demand IDs, or only one ballot per person, or paper ballots, or clean voter rolls.

Breaking Digest reported yesterday that Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has threatened to sue Cochise County if they vote to hand count ballots in the 2022 midterm elections.

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This election season hundreds of patriotic Americans have volunteered to legally observe ballot drop boxes in several swing states.

Many of these volunteers belong to Clean Elections USA.

This weekend several men in tactical gear took a shift watching a ballot drop box in Yuma, Arizona.

The men are sitting in a lawn chair and the back of a truck as they watch the Yuma drop box.

The local media was tipped off and drove by to make this a story.

Democrats need these boxes to flood the elections with fraudulent ballots.

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