Judge Imposes “Conditions of Release” on Hunter Biden: Employment Required, Drug Testing Mandatory – Full List Included

by J Pelkey
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Today in Delaware, Hunter Biden appeared in court to agree to the sweetheart deal facilitated by his father’s DOJ, encompassing years of criminal drug use, trafficking prostitutes, and engaging in multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from countries such as China, Ukraine, Romania, and others.

Despite the gravity of the accusations, Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and was able to avoid imprisonment for the gun charge.

In a sneaky move, prosecutors attempted to quietly include immunity in Hunter’s plea deal, resulting in the deal falling apart on Wednesday.

In response to the charges, Hunter pleaded not guilty, and the case remains ongoing.

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Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika, a Trump appointee, established new “conditions of release” for Hunter Biden.

Failure to comply with any aspect of the judge’s order could lead to Hunter’s arrest.

Here is the full list of conditions:

1) NOT possess a firearm
2) NOT use or possess any controlled substances (including marijuana) unless prescribed
3) Submit to full federal supervision
4) NO use of alcohol AT ALL
5) Seek active employment
6) Submit to testing for prohibited substances
7) Participate in substance abuse therapy

Penalties for violating could include:

1) Immediate issuance of an arrest warrant
2) Revocation of release
3) Forfeiture of bond
4) Prosecution for contempt of court

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