Idaho Murders Update: New Surveillance Image in College Murders Mystery

by J Pelkey
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From motive, to how two roommates survived, many questions remain unanswered in the mysterious murders of four University of Idaho students.

Here’s what we know and what’s still unclear:

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, her roommate and lifelong best friend, Madison Mogen, 21, another roommate Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kernodle’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, were stabbed to death in the girls’ off-campus house in the early hours of Nov. 13.

No suspects have been identified.

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The murder weapon — which police believe was a fixed-blade knife — is still missing.

Chief Fry told ABC News that police “believe this is a targeted attack,” but he wouldn’t reveal why police think that. Fry would not say if a person or the house was a target.

Police have not released a motive or potential profile of the killer.

Two other roommates were in the house at the time and survived, likely sleeping through the attacks, according to police. The roommates are not considered suspects, police said.

Officials discovered surveillance video of a car racing by shortly after the murders, saying the vehicle could be critical to solving the case.

The surveillance image shows the white car that was taken from an Exxon Mobil station’s camera around 3:45 a.m. the morning of November 13. The gas station is about a mile away from their home.

From a December 15 report from ABC 6 News:

MOSCOW, Idaho — New details on the investigation into the unsolved murders of those four Idaho college students.

Officials are reviewing newly discovered surveillance video of a car racing by shortly after the murders, saying the vehicle could be critical to solving the case.

Police now investigating the new clue of a surveillance image showing a white car that was taken from an Exxon Mobil station’s camera around 3:45 a.m. the morning four University of Idaho students were murdered. That gas station is just about a mile away from their home.

“They need the community to help,” said Steven Gonclaves, the father of one of the victims.

The parents of Kaylee Goncalves – who was killed in the attack – are now urging other businesses to turn over whatever footage they have before it’s too late.

“There’s a 24-hour mark on a lot of those little video cams, there’s a seven days, a week, one month,” Kaylee’s mom, Kristi Gonclaves, emphasized.

“And we are hitting one month. And if the key part of the evidence is outside of that residence, then we have to get it now,” Steve said.

“We are losing it,” Kristi added.

Now Fox News reports that newly discovered surveillance footage from early November 13 appears to show murdered students, Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen, walking with a man in downtown Moscow hours before the quadruple stabbing occurred.

The women appear to be wearing the same clothes that Goncalves and Mogen were seen wearing that same evening outside of a nearby food truck.

The man walking with them is also wearing clothes that look like those on a man seen at the food truck whom police have said is not a suspect.

More from Fox News:

“Maddie, what did you say to Adam?” a woman asks as the group walks under an outdoor surveillance camera. 

“Like, I told Adam everything,” the second woman replies.

The first woman’s voice appears to match that of Goncalves on her TikTok.

The video was provided to Fox News Digital by Kristine Cameron and Alina Smith, the creators and administrators of the “University of Idaho Murders – Case Discussion” Facebook group.

They told Fox News Digital it was provided to them by a Moscow resident who previously submitted it to police and believes making it public can provide greater context about the incident.

Fox News Digital reviewed the video but is using only stills to protect the source’s privacy.

According to police, Goncalves and Mogen left the Corner Club bar at around 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 13 and walked to the food truck, where they ordered and then hitched a ride back to their King Road home.

Police said the driver is also not suspected in the crime.

The group arrived at a food truck around 1:40 a.m., and Goncalves and Mogen returned home just before 2 a.m., according to police.

“People are drawing the conclusion that he’s creepy from that [few] minutes, and I want to give a bigger picture,” Cameron said. “He wasn’t just staring at them…He was with them prior.”

Watch the video here:

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