Hundreds of Military-Age Men Crossed the Border Into California Illegally in Midnight Invasion [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Hundreds of military-age illegal aliens crossed into California from Mexico early Thursday morning.

“During the overnight hours, we encountered another mass illegal crossing into Jacumba, CA, after midnight, made up of 150-200 adults and families from around the world,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

“Despite the Mexican military posted up nearby, cartel smugglers still call the shots out here,” Bill Melugin said.


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So much for Joe Biden’s executive order.

Not one of the illegals who Bill Melugin spoke with was from Mexico.

Many were from Africa, Latin America, Pakistan, India, China, Iran and Turkey, with several of them being “special interest aliens,” meaning they are coming from countries with potential national security concerns.


Over 15 million illegal immigrants, primarily military-age males, have entered the US on Biden’s watch.

In his first 100 days in office, Joe Biden signed 94 executive actions aimed at dismantling border security.

The New York Post reports that Biden’s new border “crackdown” will still allow at least 1.8 million illegal immigrants to enter the US every year.

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