Greg Gutfeld Destroys Left-Wing Media for Pushing “Cheap Fakes” Spin on Biden’s Documented Cognitive Decline [Video]

by J Pelkey
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The left-wing media is going to great lengths to defend Joe Biden, echoing the White House’s absurd claim that “cheap fake” videos are being used to make Biden appear old and feeble.

Now, the media is suddenly worried about context and the threat of hoaxes.

On yesterday’s episode of The Five on Fox News, Greg Gutfeld took a blow torch to liberal media, highlighting the numerous anti-Trump hoaxes they have propagated in recent years. He questioned where their concern was then.

“Where were these anti-hoaxers in the ‘fine people hoax’, the ‘drinking bleach hoax’, the ‘koi pond hoax’, the ‘migrant kids in cages hoax’, the ‘border patrol migrants whipping migrants hoax’, the ‘lab leak is a conspiracy theory hoax’, the ‘Russian collusion hoax’…?” Greg asked is his masterful take down of left-wing media.

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The Daily Wire provided additional details:

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld went after legacy media for eagerly gobbling up the White House’s latest narrative — namely that a recent series of unflattering videos of President Joe Biden were “cheap fakes,” deceptively edited to make Biden appear more confused and more frail than he actually is.

On Fox News’ “The Five,” Gutfeld pointed out the fact that many of the same media outlets had also reported almost any story that reflected poorly on former President Donald Trump, even if it was clearly edited or without relevant context.

“Where were these anti-hoaxers when there was the ‘fine people hoax,’ the ‘drinking bleach hoax,’ the ‘koi pond hoax,’ the ‘migrant kids in cages hoax,’ the ‘border patrol whipping migrants hoax,’ the ‘lab leak is a conspiracy theory hoax,’ the ‘Russian collusion hoax,’ the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill hoax’ … did I leave any — the ‘Pee Tape hoax,” Gutfeld said, nearly running himself out of breath as he tried to list them all. “Where were they?”


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