First Poll of 2024 Shows President Trump Leading Joe Biden Among Hispanic and Young Voters

by J Pelkey
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In the first 2024 poll, President Trump is leading Joe Biden among Hispanic and young voters.

Trump is also ahead of Joe Biden among Independent voters and has been gaining traction among black voters as the new year begins, signaling trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

With Biden’s demonstrated incompetence, voters are losing confidence.

Among the 1,000 surveyed voters, Trump leads overall with 39% compared to Biden’s 37%, while 17% prefer a third-party candidate.

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From The Hill:

The survey, conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, found that heading into a critical election year, Biden trails with several of the key demographics that helped him win the White House in 2020.

Biden earned 34 percent support among Hispanic voters surveyed, compared with Trump’s 39 percent. That marks a large decline since 2020, when Biden earned 65 percent of the demographic group.

The president has also lost support from Black voters. After carrying 87 percent support in the demographic in 2020, Biden now has just 63 percent, the survey found.

His support from younger voters has dropped as well. In 2020, Biden crushed Trump by 24 points among the group. But the survey found that Trump now leads among voters under 35 with 37 percent support to Biden’s 33 percent.

Trump is also leading Biden in all seven swing states.

It’s looking like the 2024 election is going to be a landslide for President Trump. It has become clear to the majority of American voters that electing Joe Biden would be catastrophic.

The Independent reported:

The USA Today/Suffolk University survey found that 39 per cent of Hispanic voters now back the former president compared to 34 per cent supporting his Democratic successor.

Mr Trump also has a four percentage point lead among voters under 35, with 37 per cent to Mr Biden’s 33 per cent.

These demographics typically vote Democrat so the findings spell potential trouble for the incumbent going into the 2024 presidential race, even as his GOP rival faces a slew of criminal trials.

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