231 Active Military Members & Veterans Demand Justice Against Criminally Forced COVID-19 Shots

by J Pelkey
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Source: army.mil

On January 1, a significant petition garnered signatures from 231 current and former military service members.

Representatives from various military branches united to compose and sign a letter addressed to the American people, urging accountability from the Department of Defense (DOD) for crimes associated with enforcing the dangerous experimental COVID shot in the military.

Modeled after the Declaration of Independence, the letter was released under the title “Declaration of Military Accountability.”

It argues that due to the military’s COVID mandate, “military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion,” resulting in significant harm to service members and their families.

Newsletter Signup

Former Army officer Brad Miller sent the letter to senior military officials and posted its full contents on X.

Take a look:

Cameron Hamilton, a former Navy SEAL and Congressional candidate, proudly signed the declaration:

The letter advocates for extensive reforms and demands accountability and justice for the millions of service members subjected to the experimental COVID “vaccine,” many of whom suffered physical, financial, and emotional consequences.

The declaration raises serious concerns about the nation’s current state, citing “avaricious corruption” and failures within key institutions, such as the Department of Defense.

For a distressing illustration of extreme criminal misconduct by military leaders under the guise of “health and safety” regarding the military vaccination mandate, read the following X post by Brian Ward.

It is absolutely infuriating and should concern all Americans.

The undersigned in their pledge vow to hold their leadership accountable through both moral and legal avenues. They aim to restore trust by emphasizing that leaders cannot overlook constitutional rights or laws for political motives.

Among the signatories are individuals representing diverse ranks and positions, ranging from high-ranking officers to enlisted personnel, spanning across multiple branches of the U.S. military.

Townhall reported:

Saying that “all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the Armed forces” have been “exhausted,” more than 200 military veterans and service members signed and published a “Declaration of Military Accountability” on January 1 over the Department of Defense’s its enactment and enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Invoking the Declaration of Independence in a declaration of their own, the current and former members of the U.S. military state that America has reached a point in its history where it is “necessary to admonish the lawless, encourage the fainthearted, and strengthen the weak” as the “affairs of our nation are now steeped in avaricious corruption and our once stalwart institutions, including the Dept of Defense, are failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which they were founded.”

Unlike the Declaration of Independence, the signers of the Declaration of Military Accountability “seek no separation” as the patriots of 1776 did from Great Britain, “but through this letter and the efforts we pledge herein, we pursue restoration through accountability.”

On the Pentagon’s enactment of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the declaration states that “military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion,” actions that meant “[s]ervice members and families were significantly harmed.”

“Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically,” the declaration emphasizes of those affected by the DoD’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. “Some service members became part of our ever-growing veteran homeless population, some developed debilitating vaccine injuries, and some even lost their lives.”

Despite these outcomes, the declaration says “military leaders are continuing to ignore our communications regarding these injuries and the laws that were broken,” calling the DoD’s silence “an apparent attempt to avoid accountability.”

Naming a list of military leaders who “enabled lawlessness and the unwilling experimentation on service members” including “GEN Milley, ADM Grady, GEN McConville, ADM Gilday, ADM Lescher, Gen Brown, Gen Berger, Gen Smith, VADM Kilby, VADM Nowell, VADM Fuller, LTG Martin, Lt Gen Davis, MG Edmonson, GEN Williams, ADM Fagan, VADM Buck, Lt Gen Clark, MG Francis, LTG Dingle, Lt Gen Miller, RADM Gillingham, and numerous others,” the declaration emphasizes that they “betrayed the trust of service members and the American people.”

You can see the full list of signatories here.

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