BREAKING: Disgraced Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns Amid Nearly 50 Allegations of Plagiarism

by J Pelkey
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Claudine Gay has resigned in disgrace from her position as Harvard’s president following nearly 50 accusations of plagiarism.

Reportedly, nearly 50 allegations of plagiarism have been made against Gay, amounting to “half of Gay’s published works,” per the Free Beacon.

Harvard Crimson reported that Gay’s resignation is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

From Harvard Crimson:

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Harvard President Claudine Gay will resign Tuesday afternoon, bringing an end to the shortest presidency in the University’s history, according to a person with knowledge of the decision.

It is not clear who will be appointed to serve as interim president.

University spokesperson Jonathan L. Swain declined to comment on Gay’s decision to step down.

Gay’s resignation — just six months and two days into the presidency — comes amid growing allegations of plagiarism and lasting doubts over her ability to respond to antisemitism on campus after her disastrous congressional testimony Dec. 5.

Sharing the report on X, independent journalist Greg Price commented, “Claudine Gay will be resigning this afternoon as the president of Harvard after allegations of plagiarism and her disastrous testimony before Congress. It’s the shortest tenure in the history of the university.”

Christopher Rufo and Aaron Sibarium, among other independent journalists, played a significant role in bringing Claudine Gay’s plagiarism to the public’s attention.

Claudine Gay was grilled by the House Education Committee last month for dismissing the calls for genocide against Jews as a violation of the school’s code of conduct.

The video below is Gay’s response to the protests on campus after the Hamas attacks, in which students were heard calling for the genocide of Jews.


GOP Conference Chair Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) cross-examined Gay alongside the Presidents of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania on December 5th. Stefanik highlighted the disparities in the University’s handling of free speech and hate speech.

During her cross-examination, Stefanik pressed Gay about incidents on Campus involving students chanting for an “Intifada,” emphasizing that the term in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict signifies a call for violent armed resistance against Israel, including violence against civilians and the genocide of Jews.

“Harvard ranks the lowest when it comes to protecting Jewish students,” Stefanik told Gay. “Your testimony today not being able to answer with moral clarity speaks volumes.”


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