BREAKING: Jim Jordan Subpoenas Former Manhattan DA Prosecutor and Hillary Clinton Lawyer Mark Pomerantz

by J Pelkey
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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan subpoenaed former Manhattan DA prosecutor and Hillary Clinton lawyer, Mark Pomerantz for a deposition.

Pomerantz resigned from the Manhattan district attorney’s office, in protest, in February of last year due to the district attorney’s initial hesitation in pursuing the case against President Trump.

He later wrote a book on the topic, titled “The Prosecutor: One Man’s Battle Against Mafia Corruption and Wall Street Greed”, in which he claims the investigation “developed evidence convincing us that Donald Trump had committed serious crimes.”

60 Minutes recently invited Pomerantz on the show to discuss his new book.

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Trump slammed Pomerantz and 60 Minutes in a series of Truth Social posts.

“The 60 Minutes “hit job” doesn’t say that the Financial Statements have a powerful & complete “Disclaimer Clause,” that the properties & assets are generally worth far more today than they were in the financial statement, that the most valuable asset is not even listed in the statement, that lawyer Mark Pomerantz & his law firm were Clinton’s lawyers who then went to work for the D.A. to “get Trump,” that Pomerantz & his antics make it impossible for me to be treated fairly, & NOBODY WAS HURT!”, Trump truthed.

The subpoena issued by Jordan mandates that Pomerantz appear before the committee for a deposition on April 20th.

Jordan’s letter states that Pomerantz is uniquely situated to provide information relevant and necessary to potential legislative reforms, and that he has no basis to decline to testify about matters that he has already discussed in his book and/or on primetime television.

“Based on your unique role as a special assistant district attorney leading the investigation into President Trump’s finances, you are uniquely situated to provide information that is relevant and necessary to inform the Committee’s oversight and potential legislative reforms. Although the New York County District Attorney’s Office has directed you not to cooperate with our oversight, you have already discussed many of the topics relevant to our oversight in a book you wrote and published in February 2023, as well as in several public interviews to promote your book.” Jordan wrote.

“As a result, you have no basis to decline to testify about matters before the Committee that you have already discussed in your book and/or on a prime-time television program with an audience in the millions, including on the basis of any purported duty of confidentiality or privilege interest,” Jordan said.

The letter also states that in Pomerantz’s book, he suggests that the investigation into Trump’s finances was politically motivated and reveals disagreements among prosecutors about the viability of the case.

Read the full letter here.

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